* On average, your heat pump runs four times more than your car.

* Dirty filters are the number one cause of equipment failure.

  1. If you have 1” filters in your system you should think of upgrading to 4” filters so that your system can run more efficiently and save you money.

* Set your thermostat to one temperature.

  1. When you are not home set your thermostat back no more than 1° from your normal setting if you set it back more, your utility cost will rise.
  2. You may want to get a programmable thermostat. When you want the temperature difference more than 1 degree, it will raise up the heat gradually so as not to bring on the heat strip which uses more energy.

* Keep coils clean. If they get dirty you can use a heavy-duty degreaser and hose them down.    

   JUST MAKE SURE THE POWER TO THE UNIT IS TURNED OFF.                                                                    

* DON’T STACK THINGS ON TOP OF UNIT. If the fan is on the top the air-flow can be restricted. Doing so can make the repair expensive.

* DON’T LET YOUR PETS (especially cats) IN DUCT WORK AREAS. Letting them do so will not only ruin your air-flow but will be a very costly repair.    

* When mowing lawn make sure no grass clippings and debris get in the coils of the system because it will drastically reduce efficiency.

* Using a weed whacker around the unit has to be done carefully. Debris will plug the coils, direct contact with the coil will ruin the coil and if that gets ruined the repair cost is pricey $$.

* Planting prickly plants, like roses, or a garden around the outdoor unit will make it very difficult for the tech to service it and will increase your labor cost.

* Keeping snow, ice, and, leaves off of heat pumps on all sides makes them work more efficiently. Make it a habit to look outside and make sure there is no snow on the outdoor unit, especially during a storm.